The Washington Post writes ...

... calling the book a “fascinating, engrossing, often dark history of drug use in the Third Reich.”

Today is US Publication Date of BLITZED.

Reviews that just got in:

“The book is an impressive work of scholarship, with more than two dozen pages of footnotes and the blessing of esteemed World War Two historians. From Hitler’s irregular hours and unusual dietary preferences—his staff would leave out apple raisin cakes for him to eat in the middle of the night—to his increasingly monomaniacal demands, Ohler offers a compelling explanation for Hitler’s erratic behavior in the final years of the war, and how the biomedical landscape of the time affected the way history unfolded.” —THE NEW REPUBLIC

“While drugs alone cannot explain Germany’s early successes in World War II, Ohler makes an important case for the importance of the exploration of this subject toward a more complete historical understanding of the Third Reich and the Holocaust.” —THE JEWISH BOOK COUNCIL

“Ohler’s reputation precedes him… [Ohler] brings storytelling vigor to an unexplored corner of Hitlerology… Mordant and casual even in translation, it’s easy to mainline (with a pinch of salt mixed in).” VULTURE

Sir Antony Beevor writes:

“Ohler’s account makes us look at this densely studied period rather differently.” The New York Review of Books


Post-War German Chancellor on Pervitin

Post-War German Chancellor on Pervitin

This writes Paul Adenauer about his father, the Ur-Kanzler of West-Germany:

"Occasionally he took a Pervitin pill, the active ingredient is the same as Crystal Meth. This upper was already popular in the Wehrmacht."

I felt like a Detective

I felt like a Detective

The complexity of history in a nutshell: Talking on Colombian News on Holocaust Day about the War on Drugs in the Age of Trump during the Hay-Festival in Cartagena, where once all the slaves for South America arrived.




As Pervitin was the drug of the dictatorship, Modafinil is the drug of post-democracy.

New book

En route to Bonn today to evaluate a private archive no historian has seen before. 

Hi Norman,

My name is Bylly Elliott I'm 22 I recently purchased your book "Blitzed", and I'm on page 51 I love this book it's really insightful.

The photos of the factories are excellent showing how they were once in use, and it's sad today how they've fallen to a state of decay.

This is the best ww2 book I've ever read if possible is there an address I could send my book to be autographed.

Much respect a reader from England.

Many things have happened

... since yesterday. Spoke to my publisher (the friendliest one in Germany), and he agreed: we should print another edition of the German hard-cover. It won't be ready before Christmas unfortunately, but such is life. 

I am quite happy that the hardcover will stay alive. It features one of the best covers I have ever seen, created by Douglas Gordon, it has high-quality paper, and a "Lesebändchen" as we so properly say in German.

Another news is a lil Xmas gift the postman delivered: The Czech edition. Thank you, Weihnachtsmann.