And now for all you history buffs out there: Did you know that Kaiser Wilhelm (the Idiot) spent 25 summers in a row in the Sognefjord in Norway? Now what secret lies at the bottom of these 1308 meter deep, deep blue waters? Perhaps just a day dream about a glorious Nordic past, which would set Germany at the helm of Europe? And how did this influence the later fantasy of the Nazis about white surpremacy, if at all?


The Kaiser's favorite hotel might have been the Kviknes in Balestrand, where he stayed even in the summer of 1914. A hand-made encription done with a crude pen can still be found on the very chair he sat on when he heard the news about the outbreak of the First World War. You know what he did? He got up from the chair, went on his yacht (the "Hohenzollern") and sailed straight back to Germany.


He should have stayed in Norway, man! Just cable through, and let the world know that the Kaiser is on vacation. Well, the rest, as they once more say, is history.